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Административная контрольная работа. Выполните задание по английскому языку. Нужно выставить в предложения правильные слова.

1. Julia felt sorry ...her new classmate. She smiled and said, "I'm Julia. And what is your name?"

  • a) of
  • b) for
  • c) to

2.Dad, could you help me homework? - OK, I'll try.

  • a) at
  • b) for
  • c) with

3.When do you usually have lunch at school? - 1.30 p.m.

  • a) In
  • b) At
  • c) To

4. May I go ...-Yes . you may.

  • a) out
  • b) in
  • c) off

5. What does a real British brakfast consist ...- I'm afraid, I don't know.

  • a) from
  • b) of
  • c) with

6. ..the wildlife park was founded only five years ago, it has become very popular.

  • a) During
  • b) Instead of
  • c) Although

Ответы на шесть заданий:

  1. for
  2. with
  3. At
  4. out
  5. of
  6. Although

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