Cоставьте рассказ по плану во времени Past Simple

Вступление (Параграф 1 на снимке)

Состоит из:

  • when
  • where
  • who
  • what

Основная часть (Параграфы 2 и 3 на фотографии)

Состоит из описания ключевых событий:

  • Description of what happened

Заключение (Параграф 4 на фото)

Представляет собой чувства людей и их впечатления:

  • how people feel
  • things they said

Ответ в виде рассказа по плану из параграфов 1-4 (время Past Simple):

Hello, today I want tell you about my story!

When I was small, I went to my grandmother's country. It was summer.

I helped my grandmother with her pets and other animals! Also we are played in different games and train my survival skill. It was so funny!

I think it was the best summer in my life. And i was happy so much!

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